Purely Posh PR & Events

Since 2009, Purely Posh PR and Events has been providing PR and Events for  the ultimate in luxury accommodation and travel destinations.

At Purely Posh Events we can offer you the ultimate overseas luxury accommodation, travel destinations and event planning. Whether it’s the hot new hotel in Paris, skiing in Swiss Alps or 12 suites New Years Eve in Italy; we have the knowledge and global resources to handle each and every request. Only some of the country we cover for event planning and destinations are UK, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and many more centrally European countries. Just ask and we can suggest!  

Particularly when organising weddings and other special events Purely Posh Events luxury for us means service the ability to be creative and the presentation.  We know that every client whether planning a private or corporate event wants luxury regardless of the investment.

We ask our client for creative freedom so that we can create an event with their style and design as the focus and meet their investment. Our mission is to educate our client and be forthcoming with what their dream event really costs and how we can take their selected elements and create it with her investment in mind. We create beautiful events the with assistance of our client.  Having lots of money is a luxury, but not a necessity...

How Purely Posh PR can offer your hotel, resort or venue more exposure:

Hotel Awareness Event - If you are seeking more awareness for your hotel to the UK market we would be able to work with you in organising an Awareness Event in London for your Hotel or venue. This event would consist of sourcing a venue in London and inviting clients from our database who possibly have not heard about your hotel. This evening event would give you the opportunity to showcase your hotel to approx.300- 500 guests (or the amount of guest you prefer).  The evening would consist of drink reception, a presentation of your hotel to the guests along with showcasing aspects of the hotel. We would aim to bring the essence of your hotel to the forefront on the evening. Also from the evening, you would be given all guests email addresses which would become part of your database for future use in regards to sending more information, exposure about your hotel and keeping them in touch with your hotel. We are happy to send you a full proposal with outline!

B2B - If would like to offer more exposure to your hotel, but not run a large event in London; we would be able to work with you on a mail out opportunity. We would mail out any information about your hotel in regard to events or packages to our database to inform them about your hotel happenings.

With choosing Purely Posh PR and Event we will offer you a abundance of great ease and comfort, an indulgence in something that provides pleasure, satisfaction, or ease without you lifting a finger to your overseas event or PR. Purely Posh PR and Events provides the most stylish service to make the ultimate overseas holiday or event come true!


"Most of the luxuries and many of the so-called comforts of life are not only not indespensible, but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind."

- Henry David Thoreau -